Kwantlen Park Dry Grad

Our fundraiser is running from January 15th - March 1st, 2024


Welcome to our Colouring Cookie Kit Fundraiser!

Raise funds for Kwantlen Park Dry Grad 2024

How do we purchase?

Simply share our groups unique link with friends and family (post on social, send an e-mail, shoot some texts) so they can click the "SHOP NOW!" button below and fill their carts! Sweetness Cookies website recognizes that you came from our team's page/link and will automaticallly assign the commission from your purchase to us. 

Upon checkout you will be asked to input the seller's name and name of organization/club/school. This is important to help us in sorting the orders when they are delivered to us. 

How long is the fundraiser running?

Our fundraiser is running from January 15th - March 1st, 2024 
Orders must be placed before 11:59pm on the last day.

When will we get our orders?

Contact Dry Grad Coordinator Jasmeen Munif

Thank you so much for supporting Kwantlen Park Dry Grad!

We love movies, pizza and a solid pun.
We. Are. Sweetness. 
Fundraising Coordinator
Michelle Lyster

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