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Sweetness Colouring Cookie Kit Fundraiser

Dates fundraiser is running for (ie. November 10-25, 2022)

Welcome to our Colouring Cookie Kit Fundraiser!

We are fundraising for {Insert name of School/Club/Organization} in partnership with Sweetness Cookies. 
Colouring Cookie Kits are mess-free, conveneient and just plain fun! 100% peanut and nut-free cookies means they are also ideal for school and popping in lunch kits! Each kit contains either 3, 6, or 10 cookies. Cookies are shelf stable for 6 months (best enjoyed within 1 week of opening or freeze after opening). Cookies can be frozen up to 1 year and coloured either before or after freezing! 

How do we purchase?

Our fundraiser is 100% online, meaning no more paper forms! Simply share our groups unique link with friends and family (post on social, send an e-mail, shoot some texts) so they can click the "SHOP NOW!" button below and fill their carts! Sweetness Cookies website recognizes that you came from our team's page/link and will automaticallly assign the commission from your purchase to us. 

Upon checkout you will be asked to input the seller's name and name of organization/club/school. This is important to help us in sorting the orders when they are delivered to us. 

How long is the fundraiser running?

{Insert dates fundraiser is running for, ie. November 10-25, 2022}. Orders must be placed before 11:59pm on the last day.

When will we get our orders?

Orders will arrive to {name of organization, school, club} on or before {insert date here}. We will sort and distribute and your order will be given to the seller/parent who you supported. They will then make arrangements with you for drop off or pick up of your Colouring Cookie Kits! 

Thank you so much for supporting {insert name of organization, school or club}. 

We love movies, pizza and a solid pun.
We. Are. Sweetness. 
Fundraising Coordinator
Michelle Lyster

Toll Free: 1-877-590-9522
Phone: 780-800-9522